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Secure your vehicle and install a garage with help from Acorn Landscapes & Sawmills in Spalding. We work across the Lincolnshire area, enquire today.

Build a permanent home for your vehicle

Next to your home, your vehicle is likely the most expensive asset that you own. So it makes sense to put it under lock and key. It also means you’ve got a dedicated parking spot too. And if you’re a tradesman and your vehicle is filled with expensive equipment, there’s even more of a reason to get a garage in place. But you don’t just want any old garage. It needs to have a certain finesse, it needs to complement your home and it also needs to have plenty of storage space too. What’s required is a custom option – something that takes into account every single detail so that at the end of the process, you’ve got the garage that you need. It’s time to contact our team at Acorn Landscapes & Sawmills.

Double Garage with flower pot

Garage specialists

Our team at Acorn Landscapes & Sawmills supply and install a range of garage options, all of which can be customised so that the end product does what you want it to. With nearly 40 years in the trade, you can expect the right kind of service – one that uses only quality materials and employs only the highest standards. It’s how we routinely build garages that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We cater to a variety of budgets too, so why not get in touch, sound us out and we’ll provide a free quote?

New luxury home

Why our garage installers?

  • Professional solution

  • Supply and install

  • Customisable options

  • Quality work

  • Robust materials

  • Affordable rates

  • Established 1985

  • Free quotations given

A summerhouse in a domestic garden in summer, with flowers, trees, mowed lawn, and stone pillar

It’s a sound investment, practically and financially. Make it happen with Acorn Landscapes & Sawmills