White fence among dandelions


If you need fencing installed on your property, then get in touch with our fencing specialists at Acorn Landscapes & Sawmills in Spalding. We install fencing for clients all over the Lincolnshire area, get in touch today.

Need a fence in place?

Tired of people looking into your property? Maybe privacy isn’t the sole issue and what you really want is a length of strong fencing that’ll keep your kids and your pets on the one side? Or is a fence just the missing piece of your garden design – the feature that will add some order and harmony to the overall aesthetic? Whatever the remit, the fencing that you want needs to be created from the ground up and then installed courtesy of a professional team who have the tools and skills. It’s what our guys at Acorn Landscapes & Sawmills can do for you.

Wooden fence in garden

Professional fence installers

When it comes to fencing, our team offer a complete supply and installation service. As you can see below, we’ve got a number of fencing options available, all of which can be adapted as needed so that they’re in keeping with your property and how it looks. We promise an efficient service and the fencing solutions that we supply can be adapted for a home or a business premises as required. With 40 years in the trade and a reputation for excellence, we know that we can provide the solution you need. Get your free quote today.

Beautiful white vinyl fence in well manicured back yard surrounded by nice landscaping

Full range available

  • Farm fencing

  • Gates and railings

  • Stock fencing

  • Post and rail fencing

  • Equestrian fencing

A summerhouse in a domestic garden in summer, with flowers, trees, mowed lawn, and stone pillar

Secure your property with a robust fence from Acorn Landscapes & Sawmills